City mania guide: Tips and strategy to build the town

It is true that the Playstore and App store filled with so many simulations games but only a few games reach the top. City Mania is a top-grossing from the game all around the world released by Gameloft in 2017. The game is played by millions of players, and everyone created their city. The game has its own leader board that shows the best players from all around the world. Cash and currencies help to purchase buildings and other resources. If you are willing to know about City Mania review, read it below –


  • Build the best city you can make – There are millions of players in the world, and every player creates their own unique & beautiful city. Players can design and decorate their city as they want. From resident buildings to government buildings, players are allowed to customize every building in the game.
  • Add new characters – One of the best features in the game, players can add new characters in the game. Basically, these characters are added because it is a feature of raise population in the city. Every character has a unique personality.
  • Fusion is a new way of development – It is the future of simulation gaming. In the game, players can add two buildings together with the help of currencies like coins and materials. It takes a huge amount of currency because fusion makes building very elegant and hundred times better than normal building structure. Fusion feature unlocks after completing fifteen levels of the game after those players are allowed to unlock fusion feature in the game.
  • The focus of other cities as well – If you are a new player then City Mania review is the best place you can find to know about game features. Players can also visit at other players profile to upgrade their city.